Beautiful Window Screens


These beautiful decorated window screens are in the sleeping room of an inn where we stayed in Shikoku. They make the space private but let in the light. It was really nice to see the sunshine coming through them when we woke up in the morning.


Rome in Tokyo


This is a strange find – is it is copy of the famous Capitoline Wolf statue from Rome, but it is in Tokyo, in Hibiya Park! Apparently it was a gift from Italy to Tokyo in the 1930s.
The real Capitoline Wolf statue is quite interesting because it is supposed to be an ancient Roman or even Etruscan statue of the wolf feeding the founders of Rome, the twins Romulus and Remus. But actually the wolf is 11th or 12th century and the twins were only added in the 15th century.

The Brocade Bridge


This unusual bridge is in Iwakuni, in Yamagushi Prefecture. You can visit it easily from Hiroshima. It has 5 wooden arches, set on stone pillars and it was built in 1673. It is 175m long. It is called the kintaikyo, which means the brocade sash bridge, because people think it looks like the obi sash belt that Japanese women wear with kimono. My brother and I tried to figure out if it would be possible to drive a car over it. We think probably not (it would get stuck at the low bits between the arches) but it would be fun to try 😉
In the cherry blossom season it gets very crowded, but the rest of the time you’ll have the place pretty much to yourself!